Diana Amati's remarkable life resembles that of an opera story itself- from an orphan without parents to a world-class composer and opera singer. Diana was once an orphan and then a foster child who was eventually adopted. Her adoptive parents were not classical music lovers, however, Diana had a unique ability to compose music in the classical style from a very young age. Diana's original heritage is of Italian descent and it's as if she had the gift of composing Italian opera from birth in her DNA. She began composing and singing in a classical style at the tender age of 2. Her first experience listening to opera was when she heard a Metropolitan Opera broadcast on the radio and she was in awe that the human voice could accomplish something so beautiful. She knew right then she had to pursue a career singing and composing operas. Following in the old Italian tradition of musical training, she studied privately and intensively with master teachers in NYC and in Italy for many years until she had developed into a mature artist. Her primary mentor and voice teacher was Bonnie Hamilton of Mannes College of Music in Manhattan with whom she studied the art of bel canto technique. Diana has been given the unique privilege of studying with some of the world’s greatest vocal coaches of our time including Italy’s most beloved vocal coach, Enza Ferrari (who taught Maria Callas). She also coached with Maestro Alberto Zedda in Italy. She studied Italian diction with Bob Cowart (Head of Linguistics at the Metropolitan Opera's Lindemann program) and with Enza Ferrari. She also had the opportunity to study at the Italian language school, Centro Studi Italiani, in Italy. She also studied Swiss German in Switzerland right alongside the famous Opernhaus Zürich. She was in young artists programs such as Si parla, si canta (an Italian opera festival) and collaborations with the Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America. As a young studying soprano, Diana performed as Mimi in La bohème, Beatrice in Beatrice di Tenda, Giannetta in L’elisir d’amore, and Stefanina in Il giovedi grasso during her studies. In addition to opera, Diana studied music composition (along with music theory, orchestration, and conducting), and notable teachers include Rudolph Palmer in Nyc. Diana specializes in composing works for the voice, including art songs, sacred hymns, and her most recent endeavor is composing an opera. In addition to opera and music composition, Diana has also privately studied flute, piano, and violin, and frequently gives recitals of her works in churches and other venues internationally.


Diana is planning to premiere her first major Italian opera that she is composing. Diana is excited for this next chapter in her life as she steps onto the international stage as a professional opera singer and composer. She gives all the honor glory to God who is the Master composer and the inspiration for all of her music.





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